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August 13 – Innsbruck (0 km, 0 miles)

Posted in On the Road on August 13, 2010 by Scott McGee

Today was spent just sightseeing around Innsbruck and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, there were low clouds all around, so I didn’t get to see the high peaks surrounding Innsbruck. Martin and I took a drive into the mountains and visited the Otz Valley. This is the area where the 5,300 year old man, Otzi, was found melting out of the Schnalstal Glacier in 1991. Saw several big waterfalls coming down the valley walls, and in one area there was a cluster of about 10 houses several thousand feet up on the side of a mountain. There didn’t really seem like a reason why someone would build houses way up there. It was very strange because it’s something we don’t see in the U.S.