3. Current Location


Below are interactive maps of each day’s route. Be sure to experiment with the map to get the full effect. You can zoom in and out, pan around, and switch the type of base map. Try the Satellite and Terrain views, and for something really cool, try out the Earth view. If you currently don’t have the Google Earth plugin installed in your web browser, when you click the Earth button it will prompt you to download and install the plugin. Once that’s done, spend some time playing with it – it’s worth it! And after you’ve played with the map view, click Player in the upper right corner – that will let you play back an animation of my ride, complete with all sorts of statistics (TIP: play the animation in full-screen mode!!).

July 24 – Anchorage to Seattle, Washington (plane)

July 24 – Seattle to Los Angeles, California (plane)

July 25 – Los Angeles to London, England (plane)

July 25 – London to Oslo Airport, Norway (plane)

July 26 – Oslo Airport to Oslo, Norway (bike)

July 27 – Oslo to Copenhagen, Denmark (train)

July 27 – Copenhagen to Camp Absalon, Denmark (bike)

July 28 – Camp Absalon to Gedser, Denmark (bike)

July 29 – Gedser to Rostock, Germany (ferry & bike)

July 30 – Rostock to Camp Zuruf, Plau am See, Germany (bike)

July 31 – Camp Zuruf to Berlin, Germany (bike)

August 2 – Berlin to Camp Freibad, Oehna, Germany (bike)

August 3 – Camp Freibad to Camp am Wald, Colditz, Germany (bike)

August 4 – Camp am Wald to Wickershain, Germany (bike)

August 5 – Wickershain to Camp Gunzenberg, Plauen, Germany (bike)

August 6 – Camp Gunzenberg to Camp Monte Kaolino, Germany (train & bike)

August 7 – Camp Monte Kaolino to Regensburg, Germany (bike)

August 8 – Regensburg to Southwest Munich, Germany (bike)

August 9 – Southwest Munich to Southeast Munich (bike)

August 10 – Southeast Munich to Kaufering, Germany (train)

August 12 – Southeast Munich to Ranggen, Austria (bike)

August 14 – Ranggen to Camp Brunnen, Brunnen, Germany (bike)

August 15 – Camp Brunnen to Durach, Germany (bike)

August 16 – Durach to Lindau, Germany (bike)

August 17 – Lindau to Camp Bachli, Bachli, Switzerland (bike)

August 18 – Camp Bachli to Rapperswil, Switzerland (bike)

August 18 – Rapperswil to Zurich, Switzerland (train & bike)

August 19 – Rapperswill to Mt. Pilatus Tram, Switzerland (bike)

August 19 – Mt. Pilatus (aerial tram)

August 19 – Mt. Pilatus Tram to Camp Bachmattli, Alpnachstad, Switzerland (bike)

August 20 – Camp Bachmattli to Grindelwald, Switzerland (train)

August 20 – Grindelwald to Jungfrauhoch, Switzerland (train)

August 20 – Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland (hike)

August 21 – Grindelwald to Aare River Valley, Switzerland (bike)

August 22 – Aare Valley to Camp Muhleye, Visp, Switzerland (bike)

August 22 – Camp Muhleye to Zermatt, Switzerland (train & bike)

August 23 – Camp Muhleye to Les Jeurs, Switzerland (bike)

August 26 – Mt. Rogneux and Grand Combin Tour, Switzerland (hike)

August 29 – Road to St. Bernard Pass, Switzerland (car)

August 29 – St. Bernard Pass to Camp Aosta, Italy (bike)

August 30 – Camp Aosta to Spinetta Marengo, Italy (bike)

August 31 – Spinetta Marengo to Camp Miraflores, Rapallo, Italy (bike)

September 1 – Camp Miraflores to Rome, Italy (train)

September 2 – Camp Flaminio to Rome to Rome Airport (train and bike)

September 3 – Camp Flaminio to Rome Airport (bike)

September 4 – Rome Airport to London, England (plane)

September 4 – London to Los Angeles, California (plane)

September 5 – Los Angeles to Seattle, Washington (plane)

September 5 – Seattle to Anchorage, Alaska (plane)

2 Responses to “3. Current Location”

  1. Hey Scott! Was such a fun to have you here in my place! Thanks for keeping your promise and dropping in 🙂 Have a good ride! And say Hi to all the JIRPers! Susann

    • Susann,

      Sorry it took me so long to respond. I’ve been getting caught up on stuff since I got home. I had a great ride and visited with all the European JIRPers. Thanks for all the great food and place to stay for the night. I really enjoyed meeting your family also.


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