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August 12 – Munich to Ranggen, Austria (132 km, 82 miles)

Posted in On the Road on August 12, 2010 by Scott McGee

August 12 Route Map

I left Martin Lang’s house in Munich today and headed for Martin Kendler’s house in Ranggen, Austria, which is about 20 kilometers west of Innsbruck. As usual for riding, it was raining when I started. Martin rode with me for the first 15 kilometers, as his normal route to work matched the route that I was taking out of Munich.

I wasn’t sure if I’d make it all the way to Ranggen in one day or not, as this was the first day that I would be in the mountains, and didn’t know how easy or difficult the mountain roads and passes would be. I got to the base of the mountains – and the first climb – at Kochelsee, Germany at 12:30 pm. Forty minutes later I was at the top of the pass and had a nice multi-switchback descent to Walchensee. Further down the road I took a small, local road to the village of Mittenwald – a neat little Bavarian town set in the middle of a valley with huge mountains in all directions. Spectacular.

I crossed into Austria at 3:40 pm and decided to take the most direct route to Ranggen, which was the main highway with not much of a shoulder to it. On approach to the Inn River valley and Innsbruck the road made a very steep descent and I noticed signs along the road with a picture of a bicycle and some German text that I didn’t understand. But since the picture of the bicycle didn’t have a red slash through it, I figured bikes were allowed so I continued on. As usual, it started raining on the approach to my destination so I was descending the steep road in a heavy rainstorm, which was probably beneficial because the rain helped to cool my brakes. As it was I had to stop three times at the runaway truck ramps to let the brakes cool down. It was only after I arrived at Martin Kendler’s house that I learned that bicycles were not allowed on the stretch of road that I took. But on my way down, two police cars had passed me going up, so naturally I figured it was ok.

I arrived in Ranggen at 6:00 pm after a nine and a half hour ride and Martin’s Mom prepared a very nice dinner. On the schedule for tomorrow is some sightseeing around Innsbruck.