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August 2 – Berlin to Campingplatz Freibad (114 km, 69 miles)

Posted in On the Road on August 2, 2010 by Scott McGee

I departed Werner’s house today and headed into downtown Berlin. I wanted to take a ride up in the Fernsehturm tower to the observation deck, but the ticket line was two hours long – too long to wait, so instead I grabbed a big juicy cheeseburger, fries, and a beer, then headed out of town around 1:00 pm, a rather late start. Upon reaching the farmland on the south side of Berlin I found that there was no headwind today. A very nice treat and I made easy progress along tree-lined country roads. I made it to a campground at 8:30 pm that is about half-way between Berlin and Susann Buettner’s house. And the timing was perfect – although it was dry all day long, as soon as I put in the last tent stake it started raining. I quickly got everything in the tent and since it was getting dark, I got a quick shower and went right to sleep.

I’ve discovered that I really like the numerous Total gas stations that are scattered along my route. They’re a quick way to refill the water bottle and grab a quick hot sandwich and ice cream bar. And it’s easier than a restaurant because I can just pick out what I want and pay for it without having to rely on my non-existent German language skills.