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First Class All the Way!

Posted in Flights, Preparations on February 2, 2010 by Scott McGee

Today I took the first step in making what has been just an idea, a reality – I got my plane tickets! I’ve been saving airline miles for the past 20 years specifically for this trip, and since this might be my only trip to Europe, I figured I would go in style. So I cashed in some miles and got first class tickets for all flights from Anchorage to Oslo and from Rome to Anchorage. Although I had to let go of a significant number of miles, for me, it was worth it. The longest legs of the flight – between Los Angeles and London – are non-stop 11 hour flights on a British Airways Boeing 747. I’ve always wanted to ride on a 747, but never had the opportunity until now. So this should be good – at least I’ll have more space and better food than those back in Coach and Economy classes.

Just out of curiosity, I checked to see what the cost of the First Class round-trip would have been if I had paid full price. Would you believe US $16,500? Amazing.


My First Class seats on a British Airways Boeing 747 from Los Angeles to London and from London back to Los Angeles