August 24 – Les Jeurs, Switzerland (0 km, 0 miles)

Today was a real rest day for me. Florence had to work all day which left me to occupy the time by just relaxing and enjoying not pedaling for a while. My plan is to take about a week-long break here and visit with Florence. Sounds like a lot of time, but she just recently got home from a vacation to Mongolia and doesn’t have any available vacation time, which means she has to work each day, leaving only the evenings for visiting. So today was a day for just lounging around, which was just fine with me because it rained pretty much all day long. I got up around 10:00 am and had a continental breakfast of bread, cheese, and homemade apricot jam that her mom made. Then I got caught up on some computer work and downloaded and organized photos.


Here's the place I'm staying at in Les Jeurs. It belongs to a friend of Florence's who rents it to tourists, but it's not rented this week, so I get to stay here for free - pretty good deal. See the big rock? It's a glacial erratic that was deposited here once upon a time by a now long-gone glacier. It's cool how they just built the house around it. ^


After Florence got off work we had a nice dinner of Swiss fighting cow at a fancy restaurant in Martigny. According to Florence, the cows in her part of Switzerland are known for their fighting abilities (they fight each other in the Spring to determine the queen of the herd) and for their tender meat. I don’t know about the fighting part, but it sure was good eating.

At 9:30 pm we headed over to the train station to pick up Jennifer Middleton, one of the JIRP students in 2008. She graduated from college this spring and is now on a year-long, round-the-world trip before starting graduate school. By pure coincidence her visit with Florence is at the same time I’m here, so it’s sort of a little JIRP reunion event with the three of us here at the same time.

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