August 15 – Brunnen to Durach, Germany (47 km, 29 miles)

August 15 Route Map

It started raining at 5:00 this morning, with dark clouds to the northwest toward my destination. It looked like yet another day in the rain but fortunately it stopped raining and cleared up around 7:00. I packed up my gear and headed over to Neuschwanstein Castle. Unlike yesterday afternoon when I was there briefly, there were no crowds of people everywhere, since I was there early this morning. Although the castle is built in the old medieval style, it’s actually quite young, being built between 1869 and 1886. Inside, it’s like you would imagine a castle to look like – lots of wood carvings, paintings, stained glass windows, mosaic floors, etc. It was quite impressive, but I understand that some (or maybe most) Germans consider it to be just a tourist attraction – the Disneyland of Germany.

After Neuschwanstein, I headed northwest to Durach, Germany to visit Andy Muehlegger. Unfortunately, the wind was also from the northwest at between 20 and 40 kilometers per hour, so I spent the time fighting the headwind. But at least it didn’t rain. I arrived at Andy’s house at 2:00 pm and was met by his parents. Andy was on a trip to Switzerland for the weekend and was headed back home. In the meantime, his parents took me on a walking tour of nearby Kempton. Andy’s dad plays the trumpet in a Dixieland band named the Washroom Basement Stompers, and later when we got back to the house, he played a bit of trumpet and guitar, including the song North to Alaska. It was the first time I’ve heard that played by a German, and he was very good. Quite entertaining. Andy arrived home at 7:00 pm and we spent the next few hours catching up on Icefield news and other stuff.

One Response to “August 15 – Brunnen to Durach, Germany (47 km, 29 miles)”

  1. There are a few missspellings – it´s Kempten istead of Kempton and the Band´s name is Washhouse Basement Stompers!

    But no prob – I ain´t got the right with my bad english! 😉

    Thanks for the visit! Godspeed!

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