August 8 – Regensburg to Munich – Walter Welsch (134 km, 83 miles)

August 8 Route Map

There was heavy fog in Regensburg this morning when I woke up, and it didn’t look good weather-wise. The forecast for Munich for today was for sun and a 20% chance of rain. Good deal. Walter Welsch’s house in Munich was about 134 kilometers away and I was hopeful that I’d be able to make it there today, but of course it depended on how hilly the route would be. I got lucky and didn’t have too many hills today, but I’ve learned that going into a village is always downhill and there’s a climb up out of each village. The downhill run into a village is great, but climbing up out is a grind.

I got to Walter’s house in Munich at 5:30 pm. Once again, my trusty GPS led me right to his mailbox. Walter called Martin Lang, who had just arrived home in Munich yesterday from the Juneau Icefield. We made arrangements to meet with him at a local restaurant, where we had dinner and some great German beer.

One interesting thing I’ve seen along the way is a lot of cigarette vending machines, mostly along the roads in the villages and at bus stops. It’s interesting to see them here because we don’t have them in the U.S. anymore – I think the last one I saw was in the 70’s or so. And I’ve noticed that there seem to be more smokers in Europe than in the States.

I’ll be in Munich for the next few days visiting with friends, then it’s southward again to Innsbruck, Austria.

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