August 6 – Campingplatz Gunzenberg to Campingplatz Monte Kaolino (23 km, 14 miles)

August 6 Route Map

After a dry day yesterday, it started raining last night at 8:30 pm and it continued all night long and into this morning. But unlike a few days ago when it did the same thing, it did not let up at all today. The clouds were into the treetops with a dark sky in all directions, with the rain coming down hard. My plan was to ride 120 kilometers today to Monte Kaolino, but the weather killed my motivation. So instead, I resorted to Plan B – ride 10 kilometers to the nearest train station and take advantage of my Eurail Pass. I found the train station in Plauen, and after much examination of the train schedules and experimentation with the automated ticket machine (which was in German only, no English) I found that the closest I could get to Monte Kaolin via train was to the village of Wernberg, 13 kilometers east of my destination. I couldn’t use my Eurail Pass at the automated ticket machine, so I had to go to the ticket agent. She gave me my tickets and informed me that I had to change trains in Weiden in order to get to Wernberg. There was one minor problem though – the train didn’t go to Weiden; it went to Nurnburg instead, about 100 kilometers west of Weiden. So I purchased a 17 Euro ticket to go back the way I had just come. When I finally got to Wernberg it was still raining hard but at this point I was only 13 kilometers away from Monte Kaolino so I put on the raingear and rode as fast as I could. Fortunately the road I had to take was flat all the way, which made for a quick ride. My riding distance today was only 23 kilometers, but the train detour added another 335 kilometers to the distance traveled today.

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