August 3 – Campingplatz Freibad to Campingplatz am Wald (120 km, 72 miles)

August 3 Route Map

It rained all night long last night and was still raining in the morning. I definitely wasn’t looking forward to spending the entire day riding in the rain, so it was a nice surprise when the rain stopped at 8:00 am and the sky began to clear a bit. But it was not to be – it remained cloudy all day with intermittent periods of rain throughout my ride. Unlike yesterday when I was able to get to the campground and get set up before the rain came, this evening when I was within 3 kilometers of the campground I had the heaviest downpour of the entire day. It was coming down very hard when I got to the campground and I had to set up in the rain. Not a lot of fun. But 20 minutes later the rain stopped, and I got a hot shower and a meal at the campground’s restaurant – all better!

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